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Elevate your project with our Press Release strategy! We’ll connect you with global traditional and fintech journalists, securing features in top-tier publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, and more.

Our services include media press kit creation, copywriting, official press releases, and targeted distribution to journalists, all tailored to boost your project’s visibility and credibility

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Transform your project’s visibility and credibility with our comprehensive Press Release strategy.

We reach out to global traditional and fintech journalists, ensuring features in top publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and more.


Our services include:

Media Press Kit and Distribution : We create a media press kit and effectively distribute it, making your project stand out.

Copywriting : Our dedicated team with crypto and blockchain expertise crafts valuable content that resonates with your audience.

Press Releases and Distribution : For every major development, our team publishes official press releases. We distribute them to our extensive network of over 60,000 journalists from leading publications, with specific geographical targeting.

Language Flexibility : PR’s can be translated into required languages for broader outreach, with an additional fee.

Narrative and Storytelling : We develop compelling content centered around your project’s current and future activities.

Global Exposure : Secure features in regionally targeted traditional and crypto press, boosting your global presence.

Tier-1 Publications : Benefit from our track record of featuring clients in tier-1 publications.

Credibility : Appear in renowned publications, enhancing your project’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Tailored Distribution : We target specific regions, ensuring your news reaches the right audience.

Language Adaptability : Expand your reach by translating pr as needed.

Compelling Content : Engage your audience with narrative and storytelling that highlights your project’s uniqueness.

With our Press Release strategy, your project gains the recognition and visibility it deserves. We open doors to top-tier publications, reaching a global audience of potential investors and supporters.

Make a lasting impact in the world of traditional and press with our proven approach.


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